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Understanding Online Reputations
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CrisisAlert: Stop PR Problems Before they Start

Who uses CrisisAlert?
PR professionals who want to stop PR problems before they start.

CrisisAlert notifies you immediately of stories in blogs, news, or other sites.

  • know breaking stories before journalists call
  • stories sent to BlackBerry® or email inbox
  • search database for related stories
  • track issues, competitors, and more
  • filter results; you only get exactly what you need

Alerts are fully segmented & classified so you know the relevance to you, the importance of the author, geographical segments, plus the spin of the story (positive, negative, neutral), and more.

The system is usable by anyone, of any technological comfort level.

For more information on CrisisAlert, please contact us.


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Tel: +1 (877) 594 9990

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