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Image BarometerFrequently Asked Questions

1. How can Image Barometerhelp my company?
Image Barometer is a powerful partner in helping you manage your online reputation and brand. It complements your current marketing research and PR activities by adding robust online research to your mix, giving you deep, unbiased insight into what customers and other stakeholders are really thinking. Our methodology avoids "polling bias", giving you access to honest, unfiltered opinions.

If you have a pressing business issue that requires close and accurate monitoring, Image Barometer can help.

2. How does it work?
Image Barometer uses a set of proprietary tools and algorithms to identify, process and categorize millions of Web sites that are relevant to our clients. By combining our automated processes with skilled human analysts, we filter the raw data for relevancy and classify the results according to five key criteria: Attitude, Location, Type, Importance and Relevance.

Based on the mandate of our clients, our team further analyzes the data and identifies significant themes and trends. For instance, you might be interested in the top five identified topics in your industry, or how your brand is perceived compared to those of your competitors.

Customized reports are produced according to the project's objectives.

3. Is Image Barometer a piece of software I buy and run myself?
No. Image Barometer is a service provided by the Image Barometer team. After determining with you the keywords and themes that link to your issues, we conduct the research and analysis and provide you with accurate and relevant data. Depending on your specific needs, we can provide you with direct, secure access to your results via the Image Barometer "Dashboard". The Dashboard gives you the flexibility to view your results in multiple formats.

4. Is the whole process automated?
No. Image Barometer uses a controlled mix of human and computer analysis. We have achieved a successful balance by using automation where possible and our highly trained analysts when human judgment is required. This methodology allows us to produce accurate and relevant intelligence, in the most cost-effective manner possible.

5. Are quality checks of the data conducted?
Yes, multiple levels of quality checking are conducted throughout the entire process.

6. What does it cost?
Most companies require customized pricing to reflect the depth and breadth of issues they wish to monitor. We begin with a complementary consultation to determine the scope of the project, and then develop a proposal that addresses your specific needs and budget.

7. What does the service include?
Once the project begins, we meet with you to finalize the project objectives and establish the themes, issues, key words and phrases that Image Barometer will track. We then test and refine each of these themes, key words and phrases as needed to ensure the best results. Image Barometer is then programmed and the process begins. Once the data is filtered for relevancy, it is analyzed and categorized into comprehensive reports. A specific database containing your results is created, which serves as a benchmark for ongoing monitoring.

8. Can the tool be customized?
Yes, Image Barometer is highly customizable. You tell us what your concerns are and what information you need, including whether you want a global or geographically-restricted search, and the type of websites most important to you. We will work closely with you to develop the themes and key issues that need to be captured during the search process.

9. Can I purchase a stand-alone report?
Yes. We can produce an initial assessment report, although we do recommend setting up ongoing monitoring. The initial assessment is best used as a benchmark for tracking issues and trends, as well as changes in consumer attitudes.

10. How can I arrange for a consultation?
Please contact the Image Barometer team* at:

Image Barometer
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*Note: Image Barometer is a proprietary tool of Par Excellence Business Services Inc.

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