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How does it work?

Image Barometer is a powerful, unique and cost effective Web-based perception monitoring system.

The system monitors and evaluates millions of Web sites, identifies those that are relevant to our clients and processes and analyzes the resulting data to provide clients with accurate and highly relevant intelligence.

Web sites are classified according to five key criteria: Attitude, Location, Type, Importance and Relevance.

By analyzing the classified data, our team identifies significant themes and trends. For instance, by combining the Type of Author and the Stance of the Article, we can pinpoint which type of commentator (blogger, mainstream media, government etc.) poses the largest threat, or identify potential allies.

The processed information is then presented according to the needs of the client, in one of our two offerings: CrisisAlert or ImageWatch.

Automation and Human Analysis

Image Barometer uses a controlled mix of human and computer analysis.

The system has been developing Image Barometer since 2002, and we have tested a wide spectrum of systems for this type of analysis.

The speed and accuracy of computerization is unbeatable for processing a vast number of repetitive tasks. Skilled humans are best at analyzing complex subjective information and making judgment calls, such as identifying the attitude of a Web site towards a client.

We have achieved a successful balance by using automation where possible and our highly trained analysts where human judgment is required. This methodology allows us to produce extremely accurate and relevant intelligence, in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Technology Platform

Image Barometer uses Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP). These are license-free applications that allow for proprietary development. We use dedicated, industrial strength hosting.


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