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Understanding Online Reputations
Why is it needed?
How does it work?
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Why is it needed?

Who uses Image Barometer?

Companies and organizations seeking to improve their communications strategy and analyze their online presence use Image Barometer.

Managers use the high-level dashboard to identify key areas of concern or satisfaction. Researchers analyze using the many layers of supporting material.

Why can't your researchers do this?

Image Barometer achieves what people cannot. The information explosion on the Internet means that such a task has now become impossible for even the most diligent human staff to undertake with any degree of completeness.

What does Image Barometer Do?

Image Barometer:

  • Identifies general trends and specific threats that can affect your organization
  • Performs targeted surveillance of particular Web sites
  • Uncovers the full range of opinions and perspectives on issues affecting your industry
  • Identifies hot topics before they become critical
  • Measures how your product, brand or company is perceived by people across every demographic
  • Tracks online debate in real time
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